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Machine washable, insulated lunch bags August 19, 2010

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Finally! A great looking, larger lunch bag that’s easier to clean. Several styles and colors in stock. These lunch bags range from $25 to $32. And in case you’ve already bought your lunch box/bag, know these also make great project bags for knitting, crocheting or sewing projects.


School Hats! August 12, 2010

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We have several great styles & colors of school hats for both kindergarten & students in the grades. Lightweight bucket hats with strings for kindergarteners were recommended by teachers. And we carry a few popular sunhats for moms too.


Waste Free Lunch Accessories: Great Stocking Stuffers November 27, 2009

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My kids are getting new water bottles & thermoses in their Christmas stockings. I like to mix in the practical gifts & they often show me which of the stylish water bottles they like best in the store. 

Many in our community are trying to going waste free with school lunches: by using reusable sandwich & snack wraps instead of plastic ziplocks & using cloth napkins instead of paper. And some are also migrating away from plastic, so our store carries a HUGE selection of stainless steel water bottles & food containers. We carry the lines: Kids Konserve, Lunch Bots, Kleen Kanteens, Laptop lunch thermoses, Wrap-n-mats, & several different stainless water bottle lines. Many agree that for kindergarten & toddlers, Kleen Kanteen sippy cup tops seem to leak the least. And unlike aluminum water bottles (such as SIGG), all stainless steel water bottles can go in the dish washer.


School Hats! November 18, 2009

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Did you know our store carries sun hats & winter hats for kindergarten, lower grades & toddlers? As requested by kindergarten teachers, we have bucket style sun hats with strings (both girls & boys styles). And we just received a shipment of winter hats that cover the ears. The new winter hats range in price between $16 and $25 and are from a fair trade source. Most of the winter hats are made from alpaca wool!