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Gift Ideas for a High School Student November 30, 2009

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Having trouble finding a unique gift for that creative, intelligent high school student in your life? Here are some ideas from our store:

1. Solid Graphite Pens. The quill shown above is made of solid graphite. I initially thought the line was aesthetically beautiful, but it’s the writing experience that’s really amazing. The San Francisco artist, Agelio Batle’s website describes, “it invites you to access your imagination and discover its infinite possibilities”. We carry several styles and sizes and a pen to test in the store.

2. Gigamic Games: We have a variety of games from this company such as Quarto, Skybridge, Pylos & Quorido. Several of these games have not only won Mensa “Top 5 Games” awards in previous years but they have also won awards in Europe as well. And all are natural wood games.

3. Buddha Boards: we have a Buddha Board by the register in the store and we are on our 3rd shipment of them since school started this year! Beauty in simplicity. Simply draw on the surface with water. The water evaporates leaving you with a clean slate, ready to create all over again! Come in the store & try it & you’ll see why these sell so well.


Waste Free Lunch Accessories: Great Stocking Stuffers November 27, 2009

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My kids are getting new water bottles & thermoses in their Christmas stockings. I like to mix in the practical gifts & they often show me which of the stylish water bottles they like best in the store. 

Many in our community are trying to going waste free with school lunches: by using reusable sandwich & snack wraps instead of plastic ziplocks & using cloth napkins instead of paper. And some are also migrating away from plastic, so our store carries a HUGE selection of stainless steel water bottles & food containers. We carry the lines: Kids Konserve, Lunch Bots, Kleen Kanteens, Laptop lunch thermoses, Wrap-n-mats, & several different stainless water bottle lines. Many agree that for kindergarten & toddlers, Kleen Kanteen sippy cup tops seem to leak the least. And unlike aluminum water bottles (such as SIGG), all stainless steel water bottles can go in the dish washer.


Creative, eco-friendly games for all November 14, 2009

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 Check out the variety of new games & toys we’re bringing in for a variety of ages! Many are made of natural & eco- friendly materials such as the Pandabo game pictured below that is made from bamboo. Plenty of options for older students too such as the award winning, wooden Quarto game & the Noble Celts Circular Chess game.

pandabo bamboo balancing gamequartonoble celts circular chess


Bamboo Pendant Necklaces & Earrings

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We loved these U.S. artisan made pendant necklaces and earrings. They’re laser cut bamboo! A great gift for that hip mom or high school student!