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Vintage Style Valentines & Other Unique Gifts February 11, 2010

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Once again, the store has holiday items I’ve never seen elsewhere. Check out the cute vintage style Valentines, our Danish designed heart boxes & red square container & the favorite felted mushrooms & embroidered hearts. A mom came in the store yesterday looking for Valentine gifts for her 14 year old son and left happy with several items she loved. (not the items below but more age appropriate gifts!)


Branch Furniture Sets for Our Amazing Tree Houses December 11, 2009

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The tree houses have attracted a lot of attention in both the store & on the blog. There are 2 different styles: the tree house cottage & the build your own tree house, which comes in large or small (shown above). Not only are they naturally beautiful but children can rearrange change the tree houses into many different configurations! Tree houses range in price between $88 and $154. Check out the branch furniture sets that go in tree houses (or other doll houses). Furniture sets are between $16 and $32 for either a bedroom set or a living room set- and come in 2 different sizes, for larger or smaller doll or tree houses.


Favorite Gifts Under $15 (Part 2) December 10, 2009

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The new palm fiber rattlesnake shown above has been really popular ($14). Several colors of rain sticks shown below. And the cute frog rolling stilts (great for developing balance) are just $13.50!


Favorite Gifts Under $15 (part 1!) November 27, 2009

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I’m constantly seeing creative, affordable items in the store that would make great birthday party gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. Here’s the first of my list..

1. Doll’s ironing board. It’s about 6″ tall and 8″ long (comes with the iron) for only $12! Perfect height for a 15″ to 18″ Waldorf doll. Danish designed. Only 2 left in stock.

2. Hand painted stainless steel canister set of 3 (play kitchen size). Largest is about 7″ tall. Only $12 for the set of 3! Several in stock.

3. Monkey wooden tick tack toe game. $14. There’s also a cute mermaid version of this set in the store.

4. Create your own puzzle. Puzzle pieces are cut & are ready for your child’s artwork. Measures 10″x 14″! Only $5!


Waste Free Lunch Accessories: Great Stocking Stuffers

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My kids are getting new water bottles & thermoses in their Christmas stockings. I like to mix in the practical gifts & they often show me which of the stylish water bottles they like best in the store. 

Many in our community are trying to going waste free with school lunches: by using reusable sandwich & snack wraps instead of plastic ziplocks & using cloth napkins instead of paper. And some are also migrating away from plastic, so our store carries a HUGE selection of stainless steel water bottles & food containers. We carry the lines: Kids Konserve, Lunch Bots, Kleen Kanteens, Laptop lunch thermoses, Wrap-n-mats, & several different stainless water bottle lines. Many agree that for kindergarten & toddlers, Kleen Kanteen sippy cup tops seem to leak the least. And unlike aluminum water bottles (such as SIGG), all stainless steel water bottles can go in the dish washer.


Unique Play Sets

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This first set is Haba’s Japanese House in their architectural block series (made in Germany). We carry other sets in the series, such as a Russian house & a Coliseum. The Haba sets are in the $40 to $50 price range. The second photos shows our affordable, recyclable cardboard Western Fort that kids paint ($24)! Other cardboard playsets we carry from this company include paint-your-own fairy castles, doll houses, tree houses & farms (all are $24).


Heifer International + Ostheimer? A toy goose for your child, real geese for a family

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Judith (our store manager) came up with a wonderful gift idea the other day. Give a gift of livestock (such as a flock of geese for $20) to a family through Heifer International in honor of your child this holiday, then give your child a simple wooden animal toy or ornament resembling the animal you donated in their name! Our popular Ostheimer animals above (made in Germany) as well as these cute palm fiber, fair trade animal ornaments would be perfect (below). Palm fiber ornaments are $7.50 each. New Ostheimer shipment just arrived! (prices vary)

If you arent familiar with Heifer International, it’s worth checking out. Heifer gives donated livestock & training to families in developing countries for both food and income. Recipients often share the offspring of gift animals with their communities. Founded in 1944, Heifer has provided millions of families with both food and income. Gifts start at $20. Visit to learn more.