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Unique Play Sets November 27, 2009

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This first set is Haba’s Japanese House in their architectural block series (made in Germany). We carry other sets in the series, such as a Russian house & a Coliseum. The Haba sets are in the $40 to $50 price range. The second photos shows our affordable, recyclable cardboard Western Fort that kids paint ($24)! Other cardboard playsets we carry from this company include paint-your-own fairy castles, doll houses, tree houses & farms (all are $24).


More Creative Kits November 20, 2009

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We’re constantly searching for unique, creative kits you rarely see online or in retail stores. These kits would be great projects when school is out for the holidays. The first 2 kits below are under $30 and the last 2 are between $40-$50.

1. A beading loom. These looms make  jewelry, key chain decorations, etc. (for ages 8+). See the type of beading the loom produces below.

2. Make your own moccasin kits (in adult & childrens sizes). Older children could even make them for parents or siblings holiday gifts!

3. A crystal radio kit to assemble then listen to am radio. No electricity or batteries required!

4. A pinhole photography kit. Everything you need to take and process a photograph, including a unique slot together wooden camera, photographic paper, developer and fixer, tweezers, gloves etc.


Historic Wooden Toys November 17, 2009

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Check out these amazing new items…

Ojibwa birch bark canoes (we sold out of most of these before they were even unloaded from the box!)

Beechwood swords and bows and arrows from several different periods in history

Lewis & Clark Keel Boat Kit (for just $11)

Make your own Tomahawk kit (for just $9)

These items should sell out quickly…