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More Creative Kits November 20, 2009

Filed under: Creative Kits — junipertree @ 2:16 pm

We’re constantly searching for unique, creative kits you rarely see online or in retail stores. These kits would be great projects when school is out for the holidays. The first 2 kits below are under $30 and the last 2 are between $40-$50.

1. A beading loom. These looms make  jewelry, key chain decorations, etc. (for ages 8+). See the type of beading the loom produces below.

2. Make your own moccasin kits (in adult & childrens sizes). Older children could even make them for parents or siblings holiday gifts!

3. A crystal radio kit to assemble then listen to am radio. No electricity or batteries required!

4. A pinhole photography kit. Everything you need to take and process a photograph, including a unique slot together wooden camera, photographic paper, developer and fixer, tweezers, gloves etc.


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